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Marketing Manager
Excellent team leadership ability;
Has a keen market insight into the non-woven industry;
Good at task decomposition, performance analysis and guidance;
Foreign Trade Salesman
Good command of English (listening, speaking and writing) (CET-4 and above);
Master the use of Internet foreign trade tools;
Familiar with foreign trade import and export business process;
Production Manager
Excellent production organization ability (5S, PMC);
Familiar with nonwoven working standards and material organization;
Strong supervision and execution of the work;
Production Technician
Master the spunbonded nonwoven technology (SS SSS SMS);
Have accurate and strict judgment on the quality of non-woven products;
Enthusiastic pursuit of upgrading product technology skills and knowledge;
Quality Commissioner
Master QC's principle and work flow;
Familiar with non-woven production procedures and quality standards;
Master the scientific quality testing methods of non-woven fabrics;
Production Team Leader
Good production organization and communication skills;
Can correctly and efficiently control and maintain the non-woven production line;
2 years or more experience in non-woven production (SS SSS SMS);